was organized in the latter part of 1980's.

It was established to promote country /western dancing in the gay lesbian
community and to provide support and assistence to the community by making contributions to agencies such as Chattanooga Cares and to individuals in need of help.

Southern Country Chattanooga is a member of the International
Association of Gay/Lesbian Country Western Dance Clubs. We are the oldest club existing. The International was developed through the hard work of several people who came togather in Chattanooga in November,1992 to set up an organization that all gay/lesbian country dance clubs could be members. SCC's own Jerry Gilbert was one of the original members of the International organizing team.

Southern Country Chattanooga is governed by a Board of Directors,
elected by its membership. The board consist of no fewer than 5 positions. The executive Board consists of a President, Vice president, Treasurer and Secretary. The Board meets the first Wednesday of the Month at Chucks, 27 w Main. at 7:00 PM.
Southern Country Chattanooga...